Sports Spread Betting: Compare the Latest Spreads

If you're an avid sports fan betting online can be great fun, especially when watching your own team win. Sports spread betting is an alternative way of betting on sports compared to traditional sports betting and there more and more bookmakers in the United Kingdom where is available to betting this way. You can bet on many different variables with in a sport. For example you can bet on how many wickets a bowler will get through out a test match or inings, or the number of 6's in a cricket match. The types of betting is endless; from fixed odds to variable odds betting.

What Can You Spread Bet On?

Start betting today on a wide range of sports including football, cricket, golf, rugby, tennis and even politics. Sports spread betting works differently to normal sports books betting. The spread betting company will first make a prediction on a sportsd event outcome, say the number of corners in a match. You as the better decide if you think the outcome will be higher or lower than stated. A correct prediction means you win, an incorrect one will result in a loss. The amount that you win or lose depends on two factors, your stake and the amount of increase or decrease. (the difference) between the spread betting providers prediction and the actual final result.

A Football Spread Betting Example

Lets say the spread offered is 10 corners for a 90 minute football match in the champions league final. The spread betting companies will offer a spread between say 9 and 11 corners. If you think there will be more than 11 corners in the match, you BUY and if you predict there will be less than 9 corners you SELL If you decide to stake L10.00 and the number of corners that ocurred in the match is 21, you will win back the difference (which is 21-11=10) multiplied by your stake of GBP10.00. Your total winnings would be 10 x GBP 10= GBP 100.00. If the number of corners is say 5, then you will lose 9-5=4 x GBP 10 = GBP40.00.

If you are a new comer to sports betting, It's advisable to get familarised using one a demo account, where you can bet in a virtual environment. When you are ready, you can then open up a live account and start spread betting on yoru favourite sports.

In Play Betting

In play betting is available on some sports. This is where you can bet on sports during the time the match or game is being played.

Sports Spread Betting Tips

Here are a few tips and strategies for sports spread betting.
  • . If you are new to spread betting, sign up for a demo trial account and get to know the ropes, before jumping into a live betting enviroment.
  • . Ensure you use stop losses on your first few bets, to minimise your losses if the result goes the other way.
  • . Do you research and bet on a sport you know well.


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